Upgrading your roof but haven’t found a contractor?  Here’s a list of what to do before selecting a roofing contractor.

Ask from people you trust

You are off to a good start when you ask family, friends, and colleagues who they have hired in the past.  Chances are, they will refer you to someone who has done a very good job.  However, make sure that the ones they are recommending have done a similar project as yours and that they do specialize in roofing jobs.  In this case, it is someone who is an expert in all aspects of roofing, whether it’s about installation, replacement, repair, or upgrade of a residential roof.

You may also ask nearby hardware store owners.  A good roofing contractor might be a client of his and he might be able to share with you contractors whom he might know and share valuable details, including how he is as a client.

Check his credibility

The state of Ohio requires that home improvement contractors are duly licensed before he could operate as one.  Do research to verify if the contractor you are considering is indeed licensed to operate but the checking shouldn’t end here.   You also have to find out if he has been the subject of a complaint or has violated rules during the exercise of his trade.

A roofing contractor who hasn’t retained his original business, someone who has a record of closing multiple businesses and then opening a new one might not be a good candidate.  Check if you could if the contractor you are eyeing has a clean record.

Talk to the contractor

After you have ascertained your candidate’s credibility, your next logical step is to talk to him.  This is almost the same as verifying, only this time you are checking on him face-to-face.

When you are interviewing him, establish right away that you are the boss but be tactful.  You are the one who’s going to shell out money for the roofing project and it is only natural to act like you are an employer looking for a possible hire.  Have you interviewed a probable employee?  If so, conduct the interview as if you are in that situation.

Do not limit yourself to only one candidate.  Just like hiring potential hires, you have to interview at least three candidates.

Now pay close attention to how he projects himself during your talk.  How did he behave?  Was he punctual on the first meeting? Was he ready to listen to your needs or just waiting for you to finish so he could push for what’s on his mind?  Was he willing to show you his past works and share your references?  Be wary if he behaves like he is up-selling you.  These contractors may not have your best interest in mind.

Protect your home and your hard-earned money.  Follow these three simple steps before hiring any contractor who’ll do your roofing project.

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