When you chance upon roofing contractors who are based in Ohio, many will advise you to go for metal roofing as a good alternative to asphalt shingles.  But don’t get them wrong.  Their advice isn’t self- serving.  Metal roofing is certainly more expensive than any asphalt shingle roof but the benefit far outweighs the amount of money you will be shelling out.  For one, metal roofing can outlast other types of roofing available so in the long run, you have made the right choice because you save a great deal of money. You also do away with several replacements thus, you don’t waste time and effort that goes with changing roofs.

What the experts suggest

Experts in the home improvement arena agree that there is no other material that could beat metal as a roofing material.  This is because these can withstand harsh weather conditions including strong winds and torrential rainfall as well as other elements like fire.

You might argue that it is so expensive to install it. While this may be true, there are metal roofs that are reasonably priced when you look at the long term.  Take the case of a standing-seam metal roof.   The initial cost to install may be a bit high but do you know that once installed, it is almost maintenance free?

A quality metal roof can last five decades and even more whereas the regular roofs made of shingles are only good for about ten years.  Doing your math, this suggests that you will have to replace your roof shingles five times versus a one-time installment in the case of a metal roofing.

Features of a standing-seam metal roof

This type of roofing is made out of pieces of metal panels.  Each individual panel is made up of two seams that are positioned vertically along the roof line.  When folded together, joints are sealed.  This design keeps harmful elements from getting into the roof.  Rainwater does not collect on the roof’s surface thus saves you a potential headache brought on by a leaking roof.

Benefits of metal roofing

Durability and cost-savings

No doubt, one of the pros of installing metal roofing is its durability.  Metal shingles are also lightweight and larger than regular shingles which are about four times heavier versus their metal counterpart.  From experience, Ohio roofing contractors would advise using it because it will save the homeowner their hard-earned money.  They are easier to install and therefore, cost of labor charged to the homeowner would be lower.

Easy on the eyes

Many satisfied homeowners reveal that metal shingles beautified their homes in an instant, although some prefer the standing-seam type because of its sleek appeal, making it easy on the eyes. Some are coated with PVC and come in an array of colors that blend well with the home’s overall color or theme.


There are metal roofs that have lasted more than 50 years.  They have even outlasted their warranties to a great extent.

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