When you are planning to invest in a new roof, shop around for there are so many features that you have to consider.  The style, material, color, and the price will all affect your selection process.  Even its energy star rating will also have an impact on your decision.

To help you decide, it pays to be aware of the different kinds of roofing materials and their outstanding features.

Asphalt shingles

These shingles are one of the less expensive roofing materials.  Moreover, they are quite easy to install. Most homeowners also swear by its resiliency.  They also go well with almost all kinds of home architecture and design.  If you are not that keen on insulation, then asphalt shingles are a good choice.  Lifespan may not be that long versus other roof types but because they are cheap, replacement after wear and tear may not be that heavy in your pocket.  Asphalt shingles come in a wide range of colors.

Concrete Tiles

If you are looking for light materials, clay or concrete tiles may not be your best choice.  However, if durability and elegance are your priority, then you have found a match in these tiles.  Clay tiles go well with Mediterranean or European-style homes.  Aside from being very aesthetically pleasing, they definitely add more value to your home than most roof types.  They are also available in light-shaded colors so they tend to reflect heat from sunlight.   Lifespan could reach up to 50 years or more.  One more added feature is that clay tiles are very much environment-friendly as they are made of sustainable materials.

Metal shingles

Roofs of this type are available in aluminum, copper, steel, or tile.  Most often it is made of recyclable materials.  It is a bit similar to concrete tiles in that it is on the roof of choice for those who want to have cooler homes.  Apart from this, it has high insulation value and boasts of durability.  It has a longer lifespan versus asphalt shingles or wood.  Many homeowners in Ohio prefer metal roofs as these are quite resistant to harsh weather.  Metal shingles go well with bungalow-style or contemporary homes.  It is among the greener roofing types available in the market.

Wood shingles

Wood shingles come in different wood types.  The most popular ones are cedar, pine, and redwood.  If you are installing wood shingles, do check if your area’s building code has strict requirements on fire ratings.  The regular wood shingles bear low Class “C” fire rating.  While you can buy wood shingles with Class “A” fire rating, these are going to be more expensive.   Nevertheless, like all natural materials, wood shingles will tend to rot and grow mold over time.

Plastic or rubber shingles

A good substitute for wood is plastic or rubber shingles.  They’re made of plastic but combined with recycled wood.  They are made to look like wood shakes and the plastic component makes this type of roofing lightweight and durable.

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